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Sven Verbeke & Zonen is a family business founded in 1989. With more than 30 years of experience and 2 sons in the company who each perform their own role as a graduated garden contractor and garden- and landscape architect we provide both designs and complete implementation. We use the term garden and landscaping because we finish every project down to the smallest detail, from design to complete outside furnishing. Together with our own team of professionals we turn every place into a unique garden or public project designed by our 2 garden and landscape architects. We keep up to date with all new materials and techniques in construction through further training and professional suppliers. Respect for nature is also an important factor, that's why we, together with the council of Knokke-Heist support the initiative "Make the bee happy" and in this way work ecologically.

Our approach


After an initial discussion with the customer, a proposal is drawn. This proposal will then be submitted until we have a final design that can be offered in which all wishes and budget are included.


The construction can then be carried out by our company or by a garden contractor of your choice based on our planting and implementation plan.

Follow up

After construction, follow-up and advice is still possible.




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De Vlaamse Tuinaannemer - VLAM vzw - St-Fiacre - AVBS - EBTS - Royal Horticultural Society (UK)