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Sven Verbeke, garden and landscape architect, graduated from the horticultural school in Melle, founded the company in 1989. Meanwhile the 2 sons are also active in the company, Renaud as a graduated garden contractor and Gaetan as a garden and landscape architect. Our company emphasizes the term 'garden and landscape design' as we guarantee the complete implementation of the garden. From design in our garden studio, to professional implementation by our craftsmen, to the decoration of the finished garden. Everything is delivered by us down to the smallest detail. Further training, professional suppliers and partners ensure that we are constantly keep on top of all the new materials and techniques, which allows us to work 'with nature' as much as possible.

Our approach


After an initial discussion with the customer, a presentation plan is drawn with a 3D visualization. It's finally approved design includes a planting, implementation and lighting plan. The prices for the designs depend on the surface of the garden and the wishes of the customer.


The construction of the design can be carried out by our company or by your own garden contractor.

Follow up

After construction, we remain available for advice and maintenance.




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Publications & Prizes

-The Art of Living - Outdoor Living 2021
-The Art of Living 3 2021
-Chic Gardens
-TV Reports for VLAM & Van droom tot tuin
-Gold medal De Vlaamse Tuinaannemer 2020-2021

Professional member of

De Vlaamse Tuinaannemer - VLAM vzw - St-Fiacre - AVBS - EBTS - Royal Horticultural Society (UK)